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#01 – Christopher Bates: Engaging Gen Y

Pitfalls of businesses that don’t engage Gen Y:

  • Not exposing Gen Y staff to experience with sitting in on planning meetings. It’s important for your young staff to be able to see what the future holds and what steps will get them there.
  • Not letting them express their own ideas and thoughts. Give them the opportunity to express otherwise they will feel frustrated and look to explore other options. They could add a lot of value by bringing a new perspective.
  • Not asking what they want long-term – do that before employing them! For example, do they want to travel overseas?

Do they have a clear career path?

You’re better off asking than not asking about a potential employees future plans. They may or may not be totally honest with you, but you can get a fair idea by how clear they are on their career path.

About Chris:

Chris started his career as an accountant in 2005, before moving in to financial planning two years later. For over seven years Chris has worked as an adviser both here and in the UK. His international positions at Santander and Royal Bank of Scotland followed by three small boutique firms have given Chris wide exposure to the different parts of the industry. Canopy is a reaction of the many failures Chris has witnessed in the financial industry; undelivered promises, prioritising product sales that put the client second and generally poor advice processes. As a passionate young adviser, who knows you can love numbers and people, Chris is not afraid to drive the changes that need to happen in financial services and plans on leading the industry for many years to come.

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