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#03 – Diana Bugarcic: Career Changers

DianaBWhere are career changers coming from?

All backgrounds – tradies, corporates, surgeons, there are a variety of people who for whatever reason need a career change.

How could they enhance financial planning?

They generally bring a lot of richness through their own life experiences and can empathise  with and understand clients.

Opening the doors to career changers…

Explore what these people have to offer, their past experiences and understanding of the importance of career development could be an asset to your firm…

About Diana:

Diana is the Head Teacher Accounting and Finance at TAFE Sydney Institute as well as the course coordinator for the Bachelor of Applied Finance (Financial Planning). Prior to being at the TAFE, she was a Treasury Risk Manager at Qantas for over 10 years. She has extensive experience in financial markets and managing investment portfolios, including the trading of financial securities.

More about Diana: LinkedIn

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