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#04 – Haydn Remnant: Making Employment Decisions

HaydnRemnantResourcing your business:

Understand your business and what your vision and goals are before looking at making employment decisions.

What skills do you need?

For example, looking after current clients is a different skill to the “rainmakers” you need to bring new customers on board.

How do you find a “rainmaker”

It’s about their internal drive. They are not easy to find but it’s the people who are highly self-motivated and driven by results.

About Haydn:

Haydn is the General Manager at Wealth Partners Financial Solutions in Sydney. He is a 25 year veteran of the Financial Services and Wealth Management sector, including senior roles and time working in Asia. As Haydn says: “excellence is not an accident it is the result of clear strategy well executed, and my motivation, ambitions and work are based upon this thinking.”

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