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#09 – Joe Fussell: Outsourcing For Financial Firms

Joe FussellOutsourcing…

Traditionally outsourcing is about off-shoring small tasks in your businesses to a company – you don’t really know who does the work. Aswig provides resources through hiring high-performance people off-shore. They are different because they often tend to hire people who have been educated abroad or in Australian universities within Vietnam.

Employer of Choice

Aswig are a popular choice for employees – they provide development opportunities including Australian financial qualifications and MBA papers.

More about Resourcing…

Unlike the traditional idea of outsourcing a process, Aswig is providing a true resource for businesses.

About Joe:

Joe is the Managing Director of ASWIG Solutions and CEO of Global Workforce Services.  ASWIG is an IT Service Provider with headquarters based in Sydney, Australia and professional offices in Vietnam and the Philippines which enable them to work with customers at an affordable rate and at a global level.

More about Joe: Website | LinkedIn

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