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#13 – Deb McQuinn: Planning for Capacity

Debra-McQuinn1-e1368443275871Frustrations people are having…

There seems to be a real issue around process, back-office support and capacity, especially 3 months out from 30 June!

What can businesses do?

Take a critical look at what the principal is doing – do they trust their team to do their roles or are they spending a lot of time “in” the business.

Employ the right people…

If planning has been done, recruiting slowly and making sure all documentation is done is key. You need to be in a position to spend the time getting people who are the right fit.

Back office…

Utilise other solutions. Technology has given us other options, including outsourcing. Your advisers need to be focusing on spending time with clients rather than with admin.

About Deb:

Debra is a Principal at Strategic Resources Network, focusing on providing effective, practical Human Capital support to financial planning practices and professional services firms to realise their growth potential through the increased performance of their people.

Through strong strategic business alliances, Debra is also the Behavioural and Communication Profiling specialist supporting Revenue Performance Management (RPM) Group International & Effective Referral Management, together with a number of additional, specialist consultancies supporting the financial planning profession.

Over the past 30 years, Debra has become well known throughout the financial services industry for her passion to enhance success in the strongest influencing area of a business – the proficiency and stability of its people.

With a focus on Australian professional service markets – specifically the wealth management industry, Debra has developed a sound reputation as a specialist in the selection and development of the right people for businesses.

Through using proprietary Professional Services Profiling Tools and with her immense energy, Debra has created considerable value for a wide range of highly regarded financial services institutions.

More about Debra: Website | LinkedIn

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