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#18 – Clayton Daniel: Engaging Gen Y Clients…

Clayton DanielAttractive thing about financial planning right now…

“Playing an outstanding role in people’s lives”. Clayton is passionate about being able to help people achieve their goals.

What does “outstanding role” mean to you?

For example:

  • helping a big spender to save up and travel for 3 months.
  • helping another client get out of $60k worth of debt.

Can you make a career out of this?

If there’s a dollar involved and you can give advice, then you can charge for it. Clayton charges clients about $300 per month for cashflow advice…

About Clayton:

Clayton Daniel is a Financial Adviser at Hillross Silverstone –

“I built Hillross Silverstone to provide something different to other financial advice firms. We provide different services, we attract a particular type of client, and we don’t work with everyone. Why? Because we enjoy being a part of people reaching adventurous goals.

It makes us tick. It gets us up in the morning. We feel we’re achieving something more than a financial plan – we’re a part of helping someone create something real – unique memories and life changing experiences.

We work with people too interested in getting better at their profession, spending more time on their hobbies, or simply travelling around the world to get bogged down with the skills required to maintain a financial situation at peak performance.

We love what we do.
And we’re great at it.”

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