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#20 – Why I’ve Changed My Mind About Personality Assessments

Alisdair-BarrAt first I wasn’t a big believer in psychometric or personality assessments, but we’ve been applying them for a few years now and have found some really interesting results…

Over time we’ve found:

  • Young people learn and grow on cognitive scales as they apply themselves.
  • On the personality scale, drive for results is an important factor in terms of long-term performace. Is this person likely to go over and above what’s expected of them to achieve what’s needed?
  • For those who score an average for drive, we dig deeper – have they been consistently employed? Have they got good grades? What behaviours are being demonstrated to otherwise show they will go to the extra effort to build themselves?

This is just touching on one piece of a personality assessment today, but drive for results can really make a huge impact on the success of a small to medium business!

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