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#23 – Gerhard Diedericks: 3 Steps To Client Engagement

Gerhard DiedericksHow can SMEs in Australia bring values-based economics into their businesses for client engagement?

Gerhard has three easy steps:

  • Awareness – your core values drive every decision you make. Your customers will come back to you because they resonate with your business and values, so it’s important you understand what those values are.
  • Make choices – once you are aware, you are better able to make decisions. Do you have any limiting values? (controlling, lack of integrity etc)
  • Action – put those decisions into action!

About Gerhard:

Gerhard is an entrepreneur who is working on a business to consumer core values matching platform. He is bringing global thinking into his platform with values-based economics. He is the Co?Founder and Director at Jurny an early stage B2C Platform startup that matches individuals and businesses commercially via Core Values alignment.

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