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#24 – Chris Dionne: How Can Businesses Innovate?

Chris Dionne: How can businesses innovate?How can businesses innovate?

In this episode Alisdair interviews Chris Dionne from Shirlaws Group, a company which advises businesses on how to grow and innovate their enterprise.

How does Chris define innovation?

It’s about mindset. Spending some time pulling apart what’s happening in your business and how you can make improvements.

The innovation part is about grasping an idea or opportunity and running with it.

What sort of mindset do companies need?

Being prepared to dissect their business and look to systemise and improve. Not being too attached to their own products!

Post-GFC requires a different approach to pre-GFC

– Be prepared to get into a creative space.
– It needs to be a strategic approach.
– It needs to be built into your business as a mindset.
– Be prepared to challenge the norm (think Apple or Google, both who started small).

About Chris:

Chris is a founding partner of the Shirlaws Group of companies, an organisation that advisors and supports private enterprises on how to grow, fund, exit and realise the potential of one of their biggest assets – their business. By leveraging the Shirlaws Group capabilities Chris has been instrumental in expanding the enterprise globally over the past 15 years by using the tools and methodologies developed by the group.

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