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#26 – Why Are Values Based Economics Important In Business?

Gerhard Diedericks

Gerhard Diedericks is back, discussing values based economics…

What are values based economics?

All decisions are driven by our core values, yet we’re often unaware of exactly what they are.

Alignment is crucial

You won’t want to continue a discussion with someone if your values don’t line up.

There are over 40,000 potential values…

For example: trust, integrity, openness…

It’s the “why” that underpins your company values

Financial planners should espouse the “why” more rather than just the “what”. This is what will connect clients with you.

Your values should underpin every decision

This means that everything you do is in alignment with your values and you will build trust with people.

About Gerhard:

Gerhard is an entrepreneur who is working on a business to consumer core values matching platform. He is bringing global thinking into his platform with values-based economics. He is the Co?Founder and Director at Jurny an early stage B2C Platform startup that matches individuals and businesses commercially via Core Values alignment.

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