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#29 – Chris Dionne: Innovating Your Business (Before It Ends Up Like Kodak)

Chris Dionne: How can businesses innovate?Chris Dionne is back and discussing with us the dangers of not innovating in your business…

A real-life example…

A large international company had a belief pattern that said film would always be it and digital wouldn’t take off. That company was Kodak who suffered a well-known downfall. The moral of this tale is not to become complacent in business – you’ll lose the spark of being prepared to sit down and innovate.

What are key points of doing innovation well?

Relevance and being prepared to sit down and look to improve. It is amazing how much more efficiency business owners can find by taking the time to sit down and look at what they can do to improve their business. While some are put off by the idea of making the time, it tends to pay off in the end.

Remember innovation is not just about technology…

It can be something as simple as the company culture or changing a process to be more client friendly.

“Your biggest opportunity is right where you are now” Napoleon Hill

About Chris:

Chris is a founding partner of the Shirlaws Group of companies, an organisation that advisors and supports private enterprises on how to grow, fund, exit and realise the potential of one of their biggest assets – their business. By leveraging the Shirlaws Group capabilities Chris has been instrumental in expanding the enterprise globally over the past 15 years by using the tools and methodologies developed by the group.

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