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#33 – How Organisational Culture Is Created

Jerome Parisse-BrassensWhen do we know a culture is right?

Young Brands is one good example. The way they grow and implement change is attributed to having a great organisational culture.

Bad examples of culture…

News of The World and UBS are examples where poor patterns of behaviour were allowed to form a toxic culture.

How is culture created?

By the messages people receive about what is valued in the organisation. Those messages are unspoken rather than something that is said or on the wall.

They come from:

  • Behaviours – punctuality, rewards etc
  • Symbols – Car spaces, offices, time, money etc
  • Processes and systems – reinforce the message.

About Jerome:

Jerome Parisse-Brassens is the Asia Pacific Regional Director for Walking the Talk.

He has over 25 years’ experience in change management, business improvement and strategy development. His key achievements include several large-scale culture and change initiatives for private and government organisations in Australia and in Europe. With his strong business drive, he focuses on the alignment of corporate culture with strategic intent.

Jerome has a Masters Degree in Economics and a Masters Degree in Linguistics and is passionate about cross-cultural intelligence and leadership. He is an experienced LSI coach and has helped countless individuals increase their effectiveness. He also enjoys working with leadership teams to maximise their impact on the business.


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