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#40 – Why Recent Grads Love Their Financial Planning Roles

Alisdair-BarrWe’ve just finished a round of presentations at universities around the country, raising awareness of the financial planning profession. This time we asked a couple of our alumni to come along and present. We found the questions they got were a lot different to what we usually get…

Our alumni were asked questions such as:

  • What did they learn in their first 12 months?
  • Why do they love financial planning?

Our alumni talked about the difference they can make in the lives of clients, their involvement in projects such as introducing new technology to their firms and why they’ve loved working in small to medium financial planning firms.

The new employees love that they get to understand a business from end to end, get exposure to decision makers and exposure to an exciting and dynamic profession.

What can you do?

Engage these young people, and encourage any in your firm to be talking to others about their experiences!

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