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#41 – Making Cultural Change

Jerome Parisse-BrassensIn this last part on our series on culture, Jerome Parisse-Brassens is back and we’re answering some feedback we’ve had and talking about the journey to cultural change…

How long does it take to effect change?

The journey really never ends, but in a larger organisation it will take at least 6 months to get some traction and up to 3 years to really change a culture.

What is “going native”?

When someone joins an organisation and their personal values don’t align with the culture of the organisation, they usually try to keep their own values for the first few months and may eventually change their ways more to that of the organisation (going native). Otherwise, the person may end up leaving or being ejected by the organisation due to not aligning with values.

Be careful with recruitment

Make personal and cultural values a core part of recruitment as someone at odds can really effect an organisation.

About Jerome:

Jerome Parisse-Brassens is the Asia Pacific Regional Director for Walking the Talk.

He has over 25 years’ experience in change management, business improvement and strategy development. His key achievements include several large-scale culture and change initiatives for private and government organisations in Australia and in Europe. With his strong business drive, he focuses on the alignment of corporate culture with strategic intent.

Jerome has a Masters Degree in Economics and a Masters Degree in Linguistics and is passionate about cross-cultural intelligence and leadership. He is an experienced LSI coach and has helped countless individuals increase their effectiveness. He also enjoys working with leadership teams to maximise their impact on the business.


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