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#42 – Creating Pricing Packages

Jon-ManningA few weeks ago we spoke with Jon Manning about 3 rules of pricing – this week we’re back answering some questions that have come up from that and how to implement those rules…

How do I create 3 choices?

The first thing to do is to categorise your product features into core and non-core. For example, an accounting firm in New Zealand sells packages rather than time. In those packages are items such as compliance work or tax returns that are core products, then some non-core features like an annual meeting with an adviser. The more people pay, the more features they have available.

Use technology…

There are many apps and tools that allow you to collaborate with people – these could be part of your higher end products for adding value.

It’s about adding value…

Some of the apps mentioned are free to use, but it’s about how you add value for the client by including them.

Pricing for speed

This is perhaps an under-utilised differentiater. Many people or businesses out there are happy to pay a fee for quicker service.

About Jon:
Jon Manning has spent most of his career pricing products and services, in both the corporate world, as well as advising clients via his consulting business Sans Prix. In 2011, he launched the world’s first and only crowdsourcing platform for Pricing (PricingProphets.com) where companies can ask a panel of global pricing experts and thought-leaders what price they should charge for a product or service, and why.

Over the last 12 years, Jon has completed dozens of major consulting projects for companies in the Dow Jones Industrial Average, the Fortune 100, the FTSE100 and the CAC Next20 stock market indices, and in the process has generated millions of dollars in incremental revenue for clients in places such as the UK, USA, India, & Australia.

Increasingly in demand as both a speaker and educator, Jon has spoken at over seventy conferences, workshops, educational institutions, webinars and other events across the Asia-Pacific, the Middle East and the UK. Between 2007 and 2009, he co-presented the “Pricing Strategy & Revenue Management” Executive Education Programme at Lancaster University Management School.

Jon holds a Bachelor of Business (Applied Economics) from Deakin University (Australia), a Graduate Diploma of Business (Management) from Monash University (Australia) and a Master of Arts (European Studies), from the University of West London (formerly Thames Valley University) in the UK.

He is a member of the Professional Pricing Society, and his articles have been published in The Journal of Professional Pricing, The Journal of Revenue and Pricing Management, The Pricing Advisor, The Wiglaf Journal, SmartCompany.com.au, LeadingCompany.com.au and the ANZ Small Business Hub .

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