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#44 – We Divulge Our Secret

Alisdair-BarrIn this episode, we divulge our secrets with how we use cognitive assessments to determine the fit of grads…

The cognitive scale

Measures cognitive and numerical ability, and how people reason on the spot. This is one which people can improve over time.

The personality scale

We measure 5 areas on this scale:

Dependability – Will you do as you said you would?

Teamwork – Often demonstrated well by sports team members, community participants and military personnel. How well do people understand how their actions impact others?

Motivating and influencing – Understanding customers and people.

Social drive – We don’t really mind if this is high or low, it measures introversion or extroversion.

Drive for results – This is particularly key for long-term business success. Those with high-drive tend to have always been employed and involved in their community. High-drive people tend to always endeavour to exceed expectations.



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