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#45 – Becoming A Brand Of Choice

Justin FalkAs an employer, not only are you interviewing for job candidates, but they are interviewing your company too. So how do you become a brand of choice? Check out our interview with Justin Falk…

Branding is extremely important…

It is very competitive now to attract top talent. The “talent war” means that brands are spending into the millions of dollars creating the right brand image to attract talent and interviewing goes two ways. Candidates are looking for companies which have the right branding and culture to suit them.

What do candidates look for?

Focus around employee value proposition – what I’m going to give you and what I expect in return from you. Remember that the new generation of candidates are checking you out online beforehand now, this means it’s important to have social media presence that is regularly updated.

About Justin:

Justin Falk is the Founder and Managing Director of TalentVine, a recruitment company providing long overdue disruption to the recruitment industry.

Justin’s first foray into the world of recruitment was running large scale recruitment campaigns for the next James Bond at Mi5.

Since then he has worked with start-ups to ASX200 businesses to source, screen and select the best talent through smarter technologies and processes.

Realising the huge impact that an amazing hire can have on a business, he saw that something was wrong with the recruitment options available to employers. After testing the concept with many employers and recruiters, he launched TalentVine and got to work ensuring that employers can greatly reduce the time and costs required to hire the best possible candidates.



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