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#46 – Managing Hiring Needs (Before You Have a “Burning Platform”!)

Alisdair-BarrWe’ve had many conversations around resourcing of people throughout the year. One thing we’ve found is that businesses are often leaving those conversations up until they have a “burning platform” – they’re growing rapidly and need to hire or they’ve lost employees and need to re-hire. Here we talk about managing hiring needs before that platform is on fire!

Always be looking for new talent

Big organisations tend to do this well so that they have a pool to draw from when needed. It’s more difficult for small to medium businesses, but it can save a lot of time and money in the long run with recruiting and training people, and the downtime that can be involved with new roles. You need to always have a plan for those key roles so that you remain productive.

Now is a key time…

People are often going away to do business planning over the Christmas period, however if you’re looking for graduates, they tend to be looking for roles before Christmas. Keep them in the loop if you’re interested in hiring in the New Year.

When you find that good talent, find them a home!

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