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#48 – Maintaining The Single Most Important Business Asset

Debra McQuinnIn this episode, Deb McQuinn is back with us talking about what to do with our investment in our business and staff. How do we keep everything above board and our people engaged and retained?

What legal ramifications come into play?

The employment contract is critical to the process – they are a legal instrument and need to be treated as such. Deb’s new F3P  partnership is able to help out with these for small to medium businesses.

Is it possible to use a template?

Yes, absolutely! They have built a tool which creates an employment contract based on how you answer its questions. These are robust, professional documents which will keep businesses in good stead legally.

About Deb:

Debra is a Principal at Strategic Resources Network, focusing on providing effective, practical Human Capital support to financial planning practices and professional services firms to realise their growth potential through the increased performance of their people. They have recently formed an alliance with Australian Business Consulting Solutions and launched a product called F3P, which provides HR and industrial relations documentation needs.

Through strong strategic business alliances, Debra is the proud Brand Ambassador for F3P – Financial Planning People Partner (www.f3p.com.au) – an ambassador for Grad Mentor and also the Human Capital advisory specialist supporting a number of consulting firms focused on the financial planning profession.

Over the past 30 years, Debra has become well known throughout the financial services industry for her passion to enhance success in the strongest influencing area of a business – the proficiency and stability of its people.

With a focus on Australian professional service sector – specifically the Financial Planning profession, Debra has developed a sound reputation as a specialist in the selection and development of the right people for practices.

Through her extensive industry experience, suite of comprehensive Human Capital Consulting tools, together with her immense energy, Debra has created considerable value for a wide range of highly regarded financial planning practices and licensees.

More about Debra: Website | LinkedIn


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