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#51 – Customer Service Lessons From Sushi

Alisdair-BarrDuring the holiday break, Alisdair has spent time in Osaka, Japan. Of course a holiday means consuming many hospitality services, and he has been noticing how well (or otherwise) they do. One particular sushi restaurant kept them coming back…

Why did we keep going back?

It was the little things that really counted and added up to a better customer experience.

For example:

  • They knew our names.
  • They welcomed us.
  • Gave us hot towels.
  • Remembered our first order and drinks orders.

sashimi osaka

It’s often those little things in any kind of customer service that the customers really appreciate. They may not even consciously acknowledge them, but if those things go missing they will notice!


What kind of experiences do you create to keep your customers coming back?

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