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#54: 7 Ways to Get Millennials to Love Working For You

Alisdair-BarrIs engaging Generation Y / Millennials as challenging as it seems? Not when you know what they value in a working relationship…

Here are 7 ways you can set up your company to have an environment where a Gen Y employee will thrive:

  • The values of the business are lived and not just stated.
  • Trust, control, quality, consistency and time are important ways they measure and grow trust.
  • Pay does not equal loyalty.
  • Open honest communication and direct access to the manager or business owner is important.
  • They need regular performance discussions.
  • They want a personal career plan.
  • Set clear expectations of how long they will stay with you (Hint: Saying 5 to 7 years can freak them out)

Engaging this generation is not about hoping for an employee that will stay with you for their career.  Quality of time spent with your organisation is instead the focus.

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