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#57: Scalable Consistent Client Experience is the Key to Growing Profit

Santi-Burridge2The key to more success and profit for financial advisers in Australia and overseas is that they have worked out their value and been able to use technology for more human connection.

This is achieved by delivering one scalable consistent client experience.

Here’s what you need to consider when building this into your own practice:

  • Work out how to give a consistent client experience while individualising it for each person so you give your clients what they actually want and not just what you think they need.
  • Set up systems and use technology (robo advice) to do this so you can have a seamless paperless back office function.
  • Develop your core skills and sharpen your niche or your marketing.

Sometimes it is as easy as changing one thing to move your EBIT Margin from 30 to 60%.


About Santi Burridge:

Santi is the Chief Executive of Corporate Development at Implemented Portfolios, a business dedicated to nurturing partnerships that deliver great outcomes for the financial services industry.

He has over 15 years experience in the financial services and advice industry, working as both a financial planner and principal of a leading wealth advisory practice based in Sydney. He drove the development of the unique Individually Managed Account structure and Dynamic Asset Allocation process that sits at the heart of the Implemented Portfolios service.

He has a passion for assisting financial advisers in running efficient, scalable and profitable practices, and providing clients with a sound investment experience. He is also strongly committed to promoting and providing a strong voice for creating a better advice model in Australia, and sharing his findings, based on first-hand research of the advice industries of the US and UK. He holds a Bachelor of Commerce majoring in Finance and Economics and a Diploma in Financial Planning.

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