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#63 – The Skills Your Employees Need So You Can Grow a Successful Financial Planning Company

Employees hiring new entrants with a tertiary education are finding there is a skills gap.

Of course recent grads are getting the technical components with their degree.

We also find they need these key skills to be successful in financial panning:

  • Communication and rapport building
  • Ability to teach and educate
  • Making complex ideas simple
  • Understanding people and what motivates them
  • Basic problem solving

Due to these various skill sets, professions that do well in our industry are Psychologists because of their ability to understand people, nurses or teachers because of their ability to be empathetic and understand what is needed and engineers or those with a mathematical background because of  how they understand a problem and can come up with a solution.

What is the number 1 skill you want in your new hire?

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