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#65 – Customer Service v Customer Satisfaction

Each day we experience customer service, whether it’s from a discovery session with a potential new supplier, via a help desk chat on a website, or when ordering a meal.

Let’s say you are in a restaurant and you order something from the menu. It takes too long to come out and you are not really impressed with the quality of your meal.  You and the guest at your table discuss how you are not happy and how you would never go back nor recommend it.

When your server comes back to check on you and asks how everything is you just say “fine”, even though you are not satisfied.

In the financial services industry we are lucky in that once we have a client they tend to stay with us for a while.   How often do you think your clients could be saying they are “fine” to you? Are you just servicing a client or focussing on their satisfaction?

It would be interesting to know what the conversation is that our clients say behind our backs.


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