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How To Answer “Why Should We Hire You?” at a Job Interview

Towards the end of most job interviews you will find you often get asked this question – “Why should we hire you”? This is not the best job interview question, however it is one that is commonly asked, so you’d better know how to answer it.

If you answer well, this question really gives you an opportunity to stand out.  To do this you need to put yourself in the seat of the person who is interviewing you. They are looking for someone who is diffferent from the others they are interviewing so you need to make sure they remember you.

In this episode of Land That Grad Job TV, we demonstrate the right and wrong ways to answer this question.

Here’s how to answer why should we hire you?:

  • Talk about something that’s unique and that the other applicants hopefully have not talked about
  • Tell them what makes you different
  • Talk about the key skill or attribute you are going to bring to the table
  • Demonstrate enthusiasm, commitment, energy and a good fit to their team culture
  • Reference back to your work experience and how you demonstrated your strengths in the past

Remember what they are really asking you is “Why do you think you’re a good fit for this job?”

how to answer why should we hire you

The key mistakes to avoid are:

  • Modesty
    You need to believe in yourself and that you are truly the right fit for the job so this comes across in how you answer the question.
  • Lack of preparation
    This is your sales pitch.  Make sure to practice it before.
  • Being too general
    Give detail in your answer by referencing your past work experience or how specifically you would fit into their team or culture.
  • Bragging
    Don’t talk too much and make sure to tie your answers into how you can help them.  This is not your opportunity to list off all your achievements. Choose which ones will make you stand out and also help the interviewer picture how you would fit into their team.

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