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#73 – Why Millennials Want It Now

AlisdairIt’s widely recognised that the Millennial behaviour is to want everything now.

Let’s think about why that is…

If a university graduate was born in 1997 or 1998 for example, most of us had mobile phones at that time.  We were living in a society where direct access to information was easy to come by.

However, think back to when you may have been a student.  To access information for assignments it would have been common to find a World Book Encyclopaedia and then take your time reading through the pages to find what you needed. It could have taken quite some time, and patience, to put an assignment together.

Now with Google, all you need to do is plug a few words in and everything you need is at your fingertips AND it is kept current and up to date.

That is how Millennials have been brought up and it is all they know.  It also starts to shed light on why they “want the world their way, and they want it now”.

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