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How To Discuss Salary Expectations In An Interview

A lot of graduates really struggle with how to discuss salary expectations in an interview.  After all money is an important deciding factor for many to say yes to a role, yet it should not be your main focus.

The last thing you want to do is come across as arrogant, showing entitlement or that money is one of your major drivers. Asking salary expectations is a quick way for employers to eliminate candidates with overly high expectations. This of course will determine if you are a good fit.

If this is your first role or an entry role in your career then you want to consider the overall opportunity you are given instead.  Salary should not even be in the top 5 things that are important to you.

How To Discuss Salary Expectations

Here’s how to discuss salary expectations:

  • Focus on growth and development opportunities in the company you are interested in working for.
  • Ask what is budgeted for the role or how they would like to pay someone in a similar role with similar experience as you.

Here’s what you don’t want to do:

  • Mention people you know in the industry and what they earn or what other organisations pay.
  • Sound demanding.
  • Try and negotiate anything until you actually have an offer.

In this episode we demonstrate what (not to) say and how you can answer this question well…

Finally, as Adam demonstrates, your answer can be concise and to the point.

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