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How To Build Rapport In A Job Interview

We know that job interviews can either go very well or be extremely awkward! In those initial few moments when you meet your interviewer it’s important to know how to build rapport in a job interview.

For example, should you talk first and if so how should you behave? Or what should you do when there is an awkward silence and the interviewer does not jump in to help out?

Here’s how to build rapport in a job interview:

  • Mirror what the interviewer is doing
    You don’t want to copy them exactly but instead sit and speak similarly so there is not a conflict in the energy in the room. Here are a few ways to match their energy:

    • You can match their physiology, or posture and mannerisms.
    • Speak at the same speed and tempo as them and at the same volume.
    • Make sure your voice sounds similar to theirs by using the same tonality and pitch.

how to build rapport in a job interview

  • Don’t be a brown-noser 
    You don’t need to be overly anxious and start saying over the top things about them and their company.  You only just met them. It is great to show ambition, just make sure it is not confused with sucking up.
  • Ask questions while getting comfortable
    You can start the conversation by saying something like “I have to say, I really like your….” and then say something about the office building or a team member you met so far. You could also do some research about a new project the company has taken on and ask your interviewer what he or she thinks about it. This is a great way to get your interviewer to talk a little bit first so you can match their energy.

Check out this episode for some tips on how to build rapport in a job interview – including what not to do…

Do you have more tips to share about what you have done to build rapport?  Join in the conversation.

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