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#77 – Deliberate Vs Accidental Social Media

Most people these days have a presence online whether they like it or not.

However, many of us have not taken the time to plan an online strategy. Having a deliberate online presence is important and means that you have taken the time to ensure the way you show up online is aligned with your career path or your organisation’s values.

Most people will check on Google, Facebook or LinkedIn before deciding to work with or for a person or a company.  In fact 25% of Google searches are about an individual, which is proof of the behavioural change that we do our due diligence online. What shows up, or does not show up, can mean the difference between doing business with someone or not.

Even though your company might have a good online strategy, do your employees? What does their online presence say about you?  After all they are an extension of your brand.

Here’s what to consider about the importance of being deliberate with your social media:

  • Risk management
    Is your reputation at risk by not managing it properly online? If your brand is well known this is especially important.
  • Communication channel
    Social media can be an important communication channel both internally and externally for your organisation
  • Employee participation
    If someone is doing their research online will they find employees that are passionate or knowledgable? An employee can simply repost a company announcement or share their expert opinion on what is going on in their industry. From an outsider this would look like they are passionate about who they work for and about what they do.

Remember people can draw as many conclusions about you if you don’t exist online than they do if you are.  For example if you don’t have a presence if could mean you are not embracing change or technology.  Imagine how a new uni graduate who is looking for work would feel if they research the leadership team of a potential employer and no one on the team is online.  Would they want to work for someone who is not accessible or familiar with the platforms they use every day for communications?  Or would they prefer to work for someone whose executive team does embrace how the next generation works?

Make sure your social presence is deliberate so when someone jumps on their Facebook or Googles your name they are not disappointed.


About David:

David Griffiths from Social Checks helps businesses have a deliberate online presence instead of an accidental presence. He is a respected General Manager and Company Director, and has considerable experience in building profitable Customer centric businesses with particular strengths in leadership, strategy, execution, sales and the leverage of technology. He has a proven track record in driving change and innovation with expertise in and passion for, the converged arena of digital, web, mobile, social media, people, leadership and hosted software technologies. David has held senior positions at Optus, Symantec and HTC.



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