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#78 – How to Create an Amazing Customer Experience so it’s Easy to do Business With You

Peter Bowman was working for a dealer group and wanted to chat to his Financial Advisors about how to market themselves better, but never felt there was enough time.  As a result he wrote the book “Service 7”.

In this episode we cover the point in his sixth chapter – customer experience.

Quite often businesses review their operations with the view of being more efficient without looking at one of the most important areas, which is to improve client experience.

Many financial planning businesses have a service experience that can be quite rigid, and whilst compliance is important, we can’t forget the customer.

A good service design is invisible and you don’t actually notice it.

Here are a few areas to pay attention to when creating an amazing customer experience:

  • What happens when a customer first contacts your business to make an appointment?
  • How is the first meeting with a client handled?
  • How do you manage the ongoing relationship with them when they call for help or want their annual review for example?

As you review these processes think about how you can make it easier for someone to do business with you.

It might be helpful to get a fresh set of eyes or a new advisor of yours to review what you are currently doing. You might be putting in too many steps, or not enough, without realising it.

Want more? Go here to listen to episode 5 in this series “How to Deliver Excellent Customer Service in Professional Services“.


About Peter:

Peter Bowman  is the recent author of Service 7, a new book designed to offer simple steps to help professional service providers improve their business. He has worked within his own consultancy, tutored, and lectured at the University of Newcastle, Australia. He has created and implemented frameworks to deliver to his own clients valuable client and business outcomes. He has also worked in professional environments for over a decade for both institutionally owned and independently owned financial services businesses.



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