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“Do You Have Any Questions?” – How To Answer This Question in an Interview

At the end of every interview your potential employer will most likely ask you the question…”Do you have any questions?”

Hint: the best answer is not “no”!

This is your opportunity to do 2 things.  First it allows them to sell the roll to you and show you that they are interested in pursuing you for the roll. You want to ask questions that allow them to tell you why you are the perfect candidate for the roll and to help confirm that you have performed well in the interview.

Asking good questions also allow you to shine by showing you are a good listener and able to ask questions that make sense to the rest of your interview. Plus they show you are prepared.  It is a good idea to write down some questions you can ask before your interview so you don’t let your nerves get the better of you.

Here is a list of questions you can start with.

Here’s how to answer “do you have any questions?” in an interview:

  • What skills do you look for when you hire people?
  • What’s the culture of the team that I will be working in?
  • What sort of people have you employed in the past?

Develop more questions that are open-ended (not yes/no) and that show you’ve prepared for the interview and really thought about the role you might take.

Do you have any questions

Here are some questions to not ask at the end of your interview:

  • Did I get the job?
  • What is the salary, benefits, parking, social clubs, or sick leave…?

The key takeaway is to say “yes” when asked “Do you have any questions?”.  Ask questions that concentrate on the job’s responsibilities and how you fit the position instead of the benefits of the job to you.

Check out this video for examples of how to tackle this common question…

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