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#79 – How to Get Your Employees to Use Social Media Effectively

About 3,500 days ago social media appeared mainstream. At first, many organisations were scared and uncertain about how to use it. They saw it as a threat or risk that needed to be managed so they added in policies to either block access to using it in the workplace or set up rules that restricted how it was used.

Fortunately, now that we are 9 years down the track, many organisations are finally seeing the positive side to using it.

When we look at our employee’s networks say on LinkedIn, for example, they are connected to prospects and customers across the board and present an opportunity as a communications channel.

Since social media is not going away, here’s how you can use it in your business and with your team:

  • Get employees to repost materials that your marketing department creates and distributes
  • Have them engage on posts your organisation posts, such as company announcements, with comments

Your customers and prospects will react well by getting news they might not have known about, or think their account manager is really passionate about his or her job and is knowledgable about their industry.

Set your employees up for success so they can be a good online corporate citizen by demystifying what it means to be on social media as part of your team.


About David:

David Griffiths from Social Checks helps businesses have a deliberate online presence instead of an accidental presence. He is a respected General Manager and Company Director, and has considerable experience in building profitable Customer centric businesses with particular strengths in leadership, strategy, execution, sales and the leverage of technology. He has a proven track record in driving change and innovation with expertise in and passion for, the converged arena of digital, web, mobile, social media, people, leadership and hosted software technologies. David has held senior positions at Optus, Symantec and HTC.



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