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#81 – Why Businesses should consider doing a Social Check

Rise in Unfair dismissals at the Workplace – Get the 4 P’sdavid griffiths

Due to the rise in unfair dismissals for inappropriate use of social media at the workplace, Businesses have had to make employees or future employees aware of the impact they had on public perception.

This is usually based on what they are posting through social media about their workplace and the business, whether it be during work times or off work times.

This is also then monitored through the use of hashtags or just general posts about their work day and environment.  

David talks about the 4 P’s (Profile, Presence, Participation and Privacy) and what to consider when Businesses use social media as a tool to qualify a candidate even before an interview.

Get the facts.

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About David:

David Griffiths from Social Checks helps businesses have a deliberate online presence instead of an accidental presence. He is a respected General Manager and Company Director, and has considerable experience in building profitable Customer centric businesses with particular strengths in leadership, strategy, execution, sales and the leverage of technology. He has a proven track record in driving change and innovation with expertise in and passion for, the converged arena of digital, web, mobile, social media, people, leadership and hosted software technologies. David has held senior positions at Optus, Symantec and HTC.


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