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Why Uni is just one part of the Education Puzzle and how to work with GenY’s and Z’s


Alisdair Barr (Grad Mentor) and Andrew Davenport (Deakin University Student) join me in the first ‘live’ interview from the Robo’s Studio… and it only takes a few minutes for me to throw Andrew the curly question “Do you believe you get any value out of your Degree?” and he delivers a response that everyone needs to hear (yes that means you FASEA and the Universities).

Ali shares his view on the future of the Industry specifically relating to attracting ‘A Grade’ Uni Grads – and Andrew gives us his tips on “what not to say to a Grad at a Speed Dating night”… this episode is Gold!!! I think I enjoyed this interview as much as Ali and Andrew did…

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Alisdair (Ali to his mates) has spent nearly 20 years in Financial Services, both on the Corporate side of the fence and the last 10 years in ‘Small Business’… his passion for Small Business – Financial Planning practices comes through in spades. He brings an extremely well rounded view of the whole education debate – both as a representative of the ‘Top Gun Academy’ that comes to Grad Mentor – and also as a Small Business Advocate – helping them make the most out of their investment in bringing a Grad student into their team.

Andrew is a breath of fresh air – his non tainted perspective is something that we all need to hear… he wants to be a Financial Planner and he wants to play his role, while he “learns the ropes”. But at the same time he tells it like it is… what he is and isn’t looking for from a future employer, and why he thinks the current Financial Planning degrees need to change, to keep pace with the expectations of both the students and the industry.

Finally we cover off everything you need to know about working with GenY’s and GenZ’s… why they might start with you, leave you, and hopefully come back again – and everything in between.

Listen to the Podcast here.

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