Helping Graduates find their perfect jobs!


Who is Grad Mentor

We work to attract and develop the best Financial Planning and Accounting talent

Every day, we speak to smart, ambitious and outgoing students about finding a career where they can develop and grow - this is why businesses trust us.

Our purpose

Finding the best graduate talent and then developing them into valuable long-term contributors to the industry remains a constant challenge for our profession. Grad Mentor has been established to provide a highly qualified conduit between graduates and leading financial planning and accounting firms.

Our process

We identify the top graduates through our university pre-qualification process which involves intensive personality and cognitive testing. Only the top-performing graduates are introduced to our leading financial firm partners. Successful graduates from these introductions are then invited to participate in a 12 day paid mentorship program within the financial services firm to intensively develop their expertise and maximise their career opportunities.
Apart from nurturing outstanding talent, Grad Mentor is also highly beneficial to our industry partners, as the process allows each firm to work with the chosen graduate prior to offering them full time employment.



    • Raising awareness of small to medium financial services firms as a fantastic career option for outstanding graduates who a keen to pursue a career in financial planning or accounting
    • Providing a net growth to the profession of brand new entrants who will prove to be the future leaders
    • The provision of a structured and proven program to guide graduates through the mentoring period and develop the required attributes for success in the Australian financial services industry
    • The opportunity to provide permanent employment at the end of the mentoring period along with researched and supportive program to improve the long-term retention of this future talent


    • A streamlined talent search process where Grad Mentor conducts interviews, psychometric and behavioural interviewing and personal coaching before making an introduction
    • Graduates are evaluated before they work for a particular organisation to ensure it is a good fit for both parties
    • A valuable partner to help businesses grow and develop


    • Enhanced employment prospects through genuine PAID work experience
    • Real life interview and job application experience with constructive feedback
    • Work within day-to-day commercial operations and be privy to decision-making processes
    • Become part of the Grad Mentor Alumni Network
    • A priceless opportunity to grow your professional network
    • The opportunity to secure a permanent role in the profession


Eleanor Dartnall

“I needed an expert to find me a paraplanner and I needed the best. I turned to Grad Mentor – Alisdair knows our industry and knows how to identify the best and bring them to your door. The result for my small business could not be better.”

Justin Mack

“The Grad Mentor program has played a very significant role in my life, assisting me in establishing my career and also developing me as a person and professional. Alisdair Barr, the Director, has created a great program which guided me through the entire job …

Natalie Dewez

“Being involved in the Grad Mentor Program equipped me with the skills and confidence to succeed in a job interview. I learnt so much about developing my CV and pitching my abilities and skills to potential employees. …

Andrew Squires

“Alisdair and the Grad Mentor program introduced me to some of Sydney’s finest Financial Planning firms. This unique experience gave me an invaluable networking opportunity that resulted in a full-time role in the industry.

Simone McMullin

“Engaging Grad Mentor to fill a graduate position in our business seemed like an unnecessary investment to make initially. We felt we should be able to source a candidate ourselves through our own networks. Since Nathan started with us I have no doubt that we have achieved …

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