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Student Testimonial – Justin Mack – Curo

Student Testimonial

"The Grad Mentor program has played a very significant role in my life, assisting me in establishing my career and also developing me as a person and professional. Alisdair Barr, the Director, has created a great program which guided me through the entire job application process and assisted me in clearly identifying the knowledge and specific expertise I could bring to the financial advice profession. As a result, I gained that extra confidence when presenting to potential employers the skills and ideas I could bring to their practice. For me, one of the best aspects of the Grad Mentor program is that my association with the program did not cease once I gained employment. They have continued to provide me with opportunities to further develop myself and my career through networking with fellow new entrants to the industry and with well-established industry professionals. I have no doubt that without Grad Mentor, and the support that Zurich provides to the program, I would not have had the success and opportunities I am grateful for today."


Our Student testimonials are from graduates who have been through the program and are now in full-time employment, thanks to Grad Mentor!


Justin Mack, Risk Para-planner at Curo Financial Services Pty Ltd


Fenruary 14, 2015